Pimm’s and Aperol beaten by cheaper supermarket alternatives in taste tests

Pimm’s and Aperol are two classic drinks for the summer months.

But the results of Which? taste tests might be a little hard for these two big brands to swallow.

About 100 people were asked to compare both tipples with own-label copies released by supermarkets.

Aldi’s Summer Punch and Tesco’s Summer Cup, which both cost about 50% less than Pimm’s, ended up being rated more highly than the big-name rival.

Aperol also bottled it during a separate taste test. It received an overall score of 72%, but Aldi’s Aperini scored 74%.

Tasters concluded that Aperini, which costs £6.99 for a 70cl bottle, had the best balance between sweetness and bitterness as well as a “noticeable citrusy flavour that was not too overpowering” – leaving £15-a-bottle Aperol in the shade.

On the bright side, Aperol did beat Sainsbury’s Aperitivo to the punch. That only scored 69% because tasters weren’t a fan of its “peachy pale colour” appearance.

Which? Magazine editor Harry Rose said: “If you’re toasting the start of summer weather or a first gathering with friends and family for some time, our taste tests prove that you don’t have to pay through the nose for your favourite tipple.

“Whether you are looking for a refreshing fruit-based gin cup or citrus-based aperitif, choosing a supermarket’s own-label can save you money, and potentially get you a tastier beverage.”

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