Peter R de Vries: Dutch crime reporter dies nine days after being shot in Amsterdam

Dutch crime reporter Peter R de Vries has died nine days after he was shot in an Amsterdam street, RTL News has reported.

Quoting a family statement, RTL News – the Dutch network De Vries regularly contributed to – said: “Peter fought to the end, but was unable to win the battle.”

The journalist, 64, is thought to have been surrounded by loved ones, who said they are ‘inconsolable’ about his death.

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The crime reporter died of his injuries after one bullet hit him in the head.

“Peter has lived by his conviction: ‘On bended knee is no way to be free,'” the family statement said.

“We are unbelievably proud of him and at the same time inconsolable.”

Police said De Vries was shot in Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, close to a large public square in Amsterdam.

The attack happened after he made a regular appearance on a current affairs television show.

Two suspects have been detained in connection with the shooting, on 6 July.

De Vries is one of the Netherland’s best-known crime reporters and has won critical acclaim for his fearless reporting on the Dutch underworld – including the 1983 kidnap of beer magnate, Freddy Heineken.

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