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football merchandise The Key To Retail Success Football Merchandise
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The biggest retail shopping season of the year has finally started, and stores are doing everything they can to increase the amount of people and sales coming into their stores. A few simple changes are all that is needed to catapult a few select stores over their competition.

Although there will always be differences of opinion in terms of how stores should be led and what kind of sales displays are posted outside of the store, retail analysts have found an overarching factor that always leads to success. Using scientific research methods, men and women were observed shopping for retail clothing, and one of the biggest roles in their decision to purchase was the dressing room.

Many stores simply overlook dressing rooms and do only the bare minimum. For some store owners dressing rooms are a nuisance that is eating up space that could be used for merchandise, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the changing room customers interact with clothing much differently than they do on the merchandise floor.

Knowing how important fitting rooms are for customers, retail stores are looking to enhance and improve dressing rooms with a few simple changes. Understanding what customers are looking for can improve sales greatly.

First off, space within the changing room is very important. Fitting rooms should have enough space for customers to move around. They want to know the clothing will fit on a day-to-day basis and how it feels as they move around. Furthermore, including a bench will allow customers to see how the clothing fits while they are sitting down, which is important for work clothes in a corporate environment.

A small bench within the fitting room serves several purposes. It can aid the clothes changing process, as well as provide a place for personal belongings. These benches are a great place to put a purse, cell phone or wallet. Furthermore, benches are also a requirement for ADA- compliant dressing rooms.

ADA fitting rooms are specifically designed for customers with special needs. They are similar to standard dressing rooms, but have a few additional accommodating features. These fitting rooms are a little bit wider to accommodate a wheelchair and provide enough room for it to turn 180 degrees. Hand rails are also added to ADA- compliant rooms, as well as lever- style door knobs.

In conclusion, fitting rooms are a highly important part of retail stores, and ensuring they have the necessary features will boost sales. It doesn’t take a lot to improve dressing rooms, and by providing a comfortable secure atmosphere for customers to try on clothes will ensure they return in the future.

football merchandise The Key To Retail Success Football Merchandise
#1 Football Merchandise & Souvenirs Store
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