Kyle Walker set to go unpunished by Man City but Simon Jordan questions alleged drunken behaviour


Kyle Walker is set to go unpunished by Manchester City for allegedly exposing himself in public, talkSPORT understands.

In a video obtained by The Sun, the England international has been accused of shocking drunken behaviour.

The incident has made Walker front page news


The incident has made Walker front page news

The 32-year-old appeared to drop his trousers twice, as well as kissing, fondling and grinding on a woman, who was not his wife Annie Kilner.

Walker could face police action under the Sexual Offences Act, but City do not plan to inflict any punishment of their own.

talkSPORT host Jim White explained: “Manchester City tell us this morning they won’t be making a statement regarding this story on the front page of the newspaper.

“The club believes this to be a private matter and Kyle will not be subject to any internal investigation.

“It’s understood that the feeling within the club is that he’s not going to be charged with anything here, and this was a sanctioned day off.”

Co-host and former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan then gave his views on the subject.

Walker has a huge reputation on the line as an England regular


Walker has a huge reputation on the line as an England regular

“This sort of behaviour is unnecessary,” he said. “If you’re exposing yourself in public, you are breaking the law.

“This sort of behaviour, to me, is silly and it’s childish. At 32 years of age you’d like to think someone would know better than to behave that way in public, or even in private.

“But I don’t look at it and say it’s a cardinal sin and he should be flogged and punished, because he’s only hurting himself more.

“The fact is he is a tremendous footballer and I thought he behaved very well at the World Cup in terms of the way he engaged with the media and the sentiments he put out. I was quite impressed with him.

“I’ve always had in the back of my mind that he’s a bit of a wally, but I thought he was very professional.

The allegations came just 24 hours after he helped City to a 2-0 victory over Newcastle


The allegations came just 24 hours after he helped City to a 2-0 victory over Newcastle

“But you see this stuff and you think ‘why would you want to behave in that fashion?’

“I as a football club owner would look at this and say to him, ‘What’s wrong with you? We can all go out and have a drink and let off steam, but why would you put yourself in harm’s way like this and put yourself on the front page of newspapers going around and pulling your pants down in a nightclub? Is there something wrong with you?’

“Kyle Walker should know better at 32 years of age. You can’t run around a public place and pull your pants down and waving your private parts, if that’s what he’s doing.

“And if it isn’t what it is, because the footage is grainy etc, the newspaper is going to get sued aren’t they.

“He’s a footballer, he’s famous and it goes with the territory [the CCTV footage being leaked or sold to the press]. If you’re a professional footballer playing for the most successful club right now, commanding and demanding huge attention and you walk into a private space and you start doing what he was doing, you’ve got to expect someone is going to do something about it.

“The tragedy of all this is he’s got young children, and whatever you do in life is a legacy. Who wants to see their dad on the front page of a newspaper, being told that he’s been waving his willy at random people?”


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