Jeremy Renner: Police footage shows medics treating Marvel actor after snow plough accident

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Police bodycam footage has been released of medics treating Jeremy Renner after a snow plough accident that nearly killed him.

The scene shows emergency workers rescuing the stricken Marvel star at the site of the accident where a pool of blood in the snow can be seen.

The 52-year-old actor was using the PistenBully plough to help his nephew Alexander Fries free his Ford pickup truck from the snow when the machine, weighing six tonnes, began to roll down the hill.

He was dragged under the plough and broke more than 30 bones.

A Pistenbully snow plough in Germany. Pic: AP
A PistenBully snow plough. File pic

Neighbours helped Renner as emergency services made their way to the incident near the Mount Rose Highway, close to the Nevada-California border on New Year’s Day.

The actor suffered injuries to his “torso, face, extremities and head” and was airlifted to hospital.

The video also shows his nephew recounting what happened.

Mr Fries said: “He went up and then turned around, got out to tell me something and that’s when it started coming at me at full force. That’s when he tried to jump back in there.

“Right where his blood is at, that’s where it all happened. He tried to jump on [the plough] and it took him under.”

Authorities said the vehicle may have had mechanical issues.

Renner spent time in intensive care and has shared updates on his recovery at home.

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Jeremy Renner walks in recovery update

Despite the severity of the accident, the Hawkeye actor said he has “no regrets” in an interview with ABC News.

He added: “I refuse to have that be a trauma and it be a negative experience. That is a man I’m proud of because I wouldn’t let that happen to my nephew.

“So shift the narrative of being victimised or making a mistake or anything else. I refuse to be f****** haunted by that memory that way.”

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