Four shop staff in Northamptonshire taken to hospital after being sprayed with noxious substance

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A police investigation is under way after four shop staff were sprayed in the face with a noxious substance.

The workers suffered reddening to the skin and blistering to the mouth after being sprayed with the liquid at a Co-op store in Corby, Northamptonshire, on Easter Sunday.

The incident took place after the shop workers confronted two youths who were seen behaving suspiciously in the store, on Welland Vale Road, at around 2.40pm.

“One of the males then produced an unknown substance and sprayed it at three female and one male member of staff before fleeing the scene,” a Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said.

All four victims were admitted to hospital for treatment before later being discharged.

Police are carrying out forensic tests on their clothing to see if they can determine what the noxious substance was.

No arrests have yet been made, though police say they have identified one of the suspects and are actively seeking his arrest.

Police are also asking anyone with information to come forward.

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