Emergency alert test: ‘Technical error’ causes Welsh language spelling blunder

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A mistake in the Welsh version of the UK government’s emergency alert on Sunday afternoon has been branded “amateurish” and “embarrassing”.

People voiced their frustration at the error on social media after the alert sounded.

The English version said the instructions should be followed in a real-life emergency “to keep yourself and others safe”.

But the Welsh version translated “safe” as “yn Vogel” rather than “yn ddiogel”.

Some people in Wales have criticised the mistake as the alert had been planned for “weeks”.

The error was also compared to “bogel” – the Welsh word for “belly button”.

While others noted the alert included the German word for bird instead.

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This was in addition to the government alert sounding a minute earlier than planned at 2.59pm, more than 10 minutes later for others, or not at all on some networks.

The alert system will be used by the government to warn people in the event of an emergency in their area.

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “A technical error caused one word in the Welsh language version of the emergency test alert to be misspelled.

“The fact that this occurred in a test alert will mean we can rectify it in future.”

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