Dave Chappelle attacked on stage during stand-up Netflix show at the Hollywood Bowl in LA

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Stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle has been attacked by a person who ran on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.

“A man charged and tackled” Chappelle just as the show was ending, according to Brianna Sacks, a reporter at the show.

She said security “rushed and started punching and kicking the s*** out of Chappelle’s attacker”.

In a clip from the audience shared on social media, Chappelle appeared to joke: “It was a trans man”.

The comedian has been criticised by some for his jokes about the trans community and there was a backlash last year against his Netflix special.

Video on social media appeared to show the attacker, with a badly injured arm, being loaded onto an ambulance.

Fellow stand-up comedian Chris Rock – who was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars – also performed at the show.

“After Chappelle got attacked, he came on stage and they joked that it was Will Smith,” tweeted Brianna Sacks.

Chappelle also spoke about needing more security after his trans jokes controversy, as well as the Chris Rock incident, according to people in the audience.

UK comedian Jimmy Carr also appeared to have been at the Hollywood Bowl and tweeted a picture of himself with Chappelle.

“Just happy everyone’s ok,” he tweeted.

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