Commons Speaker on Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s plan for post-budget news conference

The Commons speaker has told Sky News he hopes the chancellor does not dash off for his post-budget press conference too quickly after addressing MPs.

“I’m hoping he’s not going too quickly, because I expect him to sit through,” Sir Lindsay Hoyle said regarding Rishi Sunak’s economic set piece in the chamber on Wednesday.

“I want him to listen to what the leader of the opposition has got to say and challenge him on his budget.”

The chancellor will address MPs at around 12.30pm, after PMQs.

After delivering his budget statement, Mr Sunak will field questions from MPs.

He will then host a post-budget news conference from 5pm.

Sir Lindsay acknowledged that it was a “different world” now compared to previous budgets throughout history, with some chancellors in the past opting to drink whisky at the despatch box.

But he bemoaned the fact that many details of budget statements end up being reported in the media before being heard on the floor of the House.

“At one time the budget was never revealed to the media. My worry is what will be new tomorrow and I think that is a worry that we’ve got to get back to,” Sir Lindsay told Sky’s deputy political editor Sam Coates.

“Tradition matters and it’s important that people hear it on the floor of the House, not briefing newspapers before and certainly not dashing off afterwards to tell them how good they were.

“We will judge that ourselves by doing it live in the Commons.”

Watch and follow the budget live with special coverage and analysis from 12.30pm. A special edition of the Sky News Daily podcast will be available to listen to from 7pm.

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