Anthony Joshua makes Kylian Mbappe laugh by speaking Spanish instead of French

Anthony Joshua got a laugh out of Kylian Mbappe and Thierry Henry when the trio spoke over Zoom.

Henry introduced the boxing superstar to the footballing superstar and they engaged in conversation despite the language barrier.

As Mbappe joined the call two minutes in, Henry asked him: “Let’s see how your English is, Kylian?”

The PSG striker replied: “My English is so good, you can talk great.”

And AJ chimed in: “My French is good as well. I say, Hola, ¿cómo estás?”

The three of them all burst out laughing.

AJ’s language joke went down well

AJ’s language joke went down well

As the conversation continued, they discussed Kylian’s appearance on the cover of FIFA 21.

AJ is also in the game within Volta football and Henry is playable as an Icon.

Henry asked Joshua: “Did you ever think you were ever going to be in the game one day?”

Joshua replied: “Never in my life. Even though I love football – this is my first passion – I never could imagine being in the game.”

Mbappe concluded: “It’s crazy, a boxer in a football game.”

Joshua is in FIFA 21

Joshua is in FIFA 21


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