Mayweather prolongs face off with Paul, promises masterclass without training

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul shared a long, intense face-off on Thursday night before their exhibition fight this weekend.

The boxing legend, 50-0 for his career, faces the 0-1 YouTube sensation in a bizarre Miami event on Sunday.

Mayweather wasn’t about to back down

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Mayweather wasn’t about to back down

Towering over Mayweather with a six-inch height advantage, Paul moved away from their lengthy face-off only for the former world champion to step forward and prolong it further.

This time, there was no violence, following the ugly scenes when Logan’s brother Jake took Mayweather’s hat at a recent media event.

While there will be no official winner announced after the fight, knockouts and stoppages will be allowed with neither man wearing headgear.

Mayweather, 44, retired in 2017 and is expected to weight 30lbs less than his opponent, but the former five-weight king still hasn’t felt the need to train all that much.

“There is a difference between YouTube boxing and elite boxing – you guys will see the difference,” said Mayweather.

Paul has got himself in fine shape for the fight

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Paul has got himself in fine shape for the fight

“He’s banking on his height, he’s banking on his reach. So we’ll just see.

“I have a trained a little bit, here and there, not every day. But I don’t have to.”

The event is set to be streamed on Sky Sports Box Office, with Mayweather reported to be earning as much as £100m.

Nevertheless, talkSPORT host Simon Jordan probably won’t be watching.

“It’s a load of old cobblers, it does nothing for the sport,” he said.

“It does put a few more eyes on the prize, but as far as the credibility of the competition is concerned, it’s rubbish.”

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