Hungry astronauts aboard the International Space Station to receive pizza, fruit and cheese

Pizza is one of the supplies heading for the International Space Station as part of an 8,200-pound delivery.

The shipment, which also includes fresh apples, tomatoes, kiwis, and a cheese smorgasbord, launched from Virginia’s eastern shore in the US on Tuesday.

Northrop Grumman’s Antares rocket is carrying a Cygnus space vessel that will deliver the goods to seven hungry astronauts currently occupying the space station on Thursday.

A mounting bracket for new solar wings, which will be sent to the orbiting lab next year, is also included in the delivery – along with a material simulating moon dust and slime mould for a French educational experiment called Blob.

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The moon dust will be used alongside dirt to create items from the station’s 3D printer.

An infrared-detecting device, meant as a prototype for future tracking satellites, has been included as well.

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The American aerospace and defence technology company, Northrop Grumman, has completed 15 other cargo deliveries to the station for NASA, but this is its biggest load to date.

NASA’s other shipper, SpaceX, which is owned by Elon Musk, will follow with a cargo run in a few weeks.

The space station is currently home to three Americans, two Russians, one French and one Japanese astronaut.

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