Harry Dunn: US government asks to keep Anne Sacoolas’s job a secret in damages case due to national security concerns

The US government has requested to keep Anne Sacoolas’s job a secret in the Harry Dunn damages case due to “national security” concerns.

The 19-year-old’s parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn travelled to the US last month to pursue a civil case against his alleged killer Mrs Sacoolas, as well as her husband Jonathan.

Harry died in August 2019 after being struck off his motorbike by Mrs Sacoolas, who was driving her car on the wrong side of the road near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, parents of Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn’s parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn are in the US for the civil case

She was granted diplomatic immunity and allowed to return to the US, despite being charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

An extradition request by the CPS was denied by the US State Department.

The current civil case is being heard by the Alexandria District Court in Virginia and is one of several lodged by the Dunn family in pursuit of justice for their son.

It has revealed unheard evidence about the Sacoolas couple’s jobs and that their intelligence work was a “factor” in them leaving the UK.

On Friday, lawyers on behalf of the US government filed a proposed “protective order” ahead of Mrs Sacoolas giving her deposition in August.

It claimed that “information concerning the United States government has little to no relevance to an adjudication of any remaining issues in this case”.

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Harry Dunn’s mother, Charlotte Charles, says she will not give up

“In general terms, the United States seeks protection… because of the impact disclosure of information regarding the government in this litigation could reasonably be expected to have on national security,” it said.

The order specifically refers to details “related to the defendants’ or any other individuals’ employment with the United States government”.

Dunn family spokesman Radd Seiger said the order would be “resisted strenuously”.

Mr Seiger says they were made aware of the development overnight and are seeking legal advice.

Harry Dunn died following a crash outside of RAF Croughton
Harry Dunn died following a crash outside of RAF Croughton

“It now appears that Mr and Mrs Sacoolas have brought in their employers, the US Government, to help them minimise what happened to Harry on the night he died in an attempt to prevent both the family and public at large from knowing the full truth,” he said.

“The US government have asked the parents to consent to their application to court, who in turn have told them it will be resisted strenuously.”

Ms Charles described the experience of giving testimony in the case this month as “heart-breaking” and “gruelling”.

“You have to dig deep every single time we’re asked to do something, every single time we put ourselves out there to keep striving towards getting justice for our boy,” she told Sky News.

“The determination never wavers, the promise I made will never be forgotten, but it’s very hard.”

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