Accolade for retiring police dog Storm and his handler after heroic chase – ‘a fitting end to an illustrious career’

A police dog and his handler have received an award after tracking down hit and run suspects more than two miles (3.2km) away from the incident.

British Transport Police (BTP) constable Raymond Martin had been driving along the M8 to Edinburgh on 27 May, last year, when he encountered a car on its roof between the hard shoulder and inside lane.

After speaking to witnesses, he learned that two men had fled from the car into nearby woods.

The dog has received an award for the chase. Pic: British Transport Police
The dog has received an award for the chase. Pic: British Transport Police

His police dog Storm was in the car at the time and PC Martin used the hound to pick up the suspects’ scent and traced them through several fields, a river and an electric fence.

PC Martin even got an electric shock from the fence, but was not badly hurt.

Eventually, PD Storm managed to track the two men down and found them crouched underneath a riverbank, partly submerged by water.

The police pooch then helped to detain the pair, before officers from Police Scotland arrived and arrested them.

Chief Inspector Pete Kooper said PC Martin and PD Storm “demonstrated exemplary perseverance and determination”.

As recognition, Storm has been awarded BTP’s Bryan trophy.

It comes as the dog is set to retire after seven years of service.

Chief Inspector Kooper added: “It’s a fitting end to an illustrious career in BTP for PD Storm, who has spent seven years protecting the railway network in Scotland. We’d all like to wish him a very happy and much deserved retirement.”

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